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The Motionologist is the motion graphics and animation production studio of David Murawsky. We take complex ideas and create clear, impactful visual motion graphics that resonate. Come and learn more about us.


About the Motionologist

High Quality. Attention to Detail.

Who We Are

The Motionologist is the motion design studio of David Murawsky, which has been helping clients produce eye-catching visuals since being founded in 2008. David is an experienced graduate of the University of British Columbia and the Vancouver Film School.

What We Do

We help local, national and international clients produce high quality videos and graphics with attentive customer service for every project. Whether you require a full video production from concept to completion or only need graphics for a scene or two, we can produce any size project.

How We Do It

All productions and projects are produced in-house with latest and greatest industry tech and software. We partner with specific industry professionals to round out the production team when required.

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Based on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, BC, Canada, just outside of Vancouver. Feel free to get in touch either via email or using the form provided. We look forward to working with you.

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