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A compact motion design studio.

Based just outside of super, natural Vancouver, Canada, I specialise in producing process-driven motion graphics for clients worldwide.

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Whether you require a complete project or hire me for a portion of one, a solid, five stage design process is employed for each and every project. Each stage has well defined milestones and deliverables to ensure a streamlined design process from start to finish. Transparency and client communication are paramount throughout the entire process.

This systematic design process approach provides the necessary framework to achieve success and ensure an efficient and productive motion design project.

Each project is a design problem that requires a unique solution. Every project requires a process to optimally execute that solution.

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I am an award-winning graphic designer that specialises in motion graphics. Available for hire to produce a complete project from start to finish or hired to work on a specific portion of one, I have experience working with a variety of clients, across a range of industries, worldwide.

Educated at the Univeristy of British Columbia and the Vancouver Film School, I affirm that a rich knowledge of historical design principles and a proficiency with industry standard tools are of fundamental importance to my work.

Clear communication with every client is very important to me and I strive to provide prompt, friendly customer service for every project.

Typography and illustration are particular interests of mine.

I reside on the Sunshine Coast, just outside of Vancouver, Canada, with my wife and two sons.

Random facts about me:

  • passionate world traveller
  • self-professed graphicsologist
  • scientist at heart
  • aspiring amateur woodworker

CONTACT | dm@davidmurawsky.com

The very best way to contact me is via email or by using the form provided here. I will respond to your enquiry as rapidly as possible. I look forward to speaking with you about your project opportunity.

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